Joji — Nectar Album Review

George Miller has become an R&B powerhouse within the past couple of years, having released his first debut album BALLADS 1 Joji had shown some incredible promise. Formerly making YouTube content, Joji has surely moved on from creating satire content to now making legitimate musical projects. Joji has left behind the Fifthly Frank and Pink Guy characters to now pursue a professional music career.

Having listened to this new record, Joji has very obviously improved not only the production and structure of his music, but now he has started the process of establishing himself as an even more mainstream artist.

This record is almost an hour long with a total of eighteen songs. With a moody touch Joji displays some emotionally dominant vocals. With almost every track Joji sets a narrative with full emotions. The first song of the album Ew” displays a true tone setter for the rest of the album. It’s powerful with faint lyrics, Joji is doing more with less. Each song seems to be even better as the record progresses. The song “Gimme Love” starts out as some underwhelming generic filler but eventually turns into a captivating feel. Similar to the ending of “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK”, “Gimme Love” has very ambitious and boisterous vocals. It hands out goosebumps and gives out chills.

Eventually, Joji attempts to change the record stylistically and with that some records feel somewhat undeveloped. However, despite those set backs every song has a relatively decent ability to captivate average listeners. Joji is very good at hooking an audience with an almost psychedelic energy to him. With his second debut album, he seems to just get even better.

Needless to say, Joji’s second project introduces better production and just better structural fortitude. There is nothing but a number of emotionally driven sounds, every vocal seems to be heavy in significance and each lyric is made to please. Joji has undoubtedly gotten better and so has his production. Nectar is a remarkable improvement to BALLADS 1.

Favorite Tracks: Run, Upgrade, Afterthought, Ew, Daylight, Like You Do, Mr. Hollywood, Sanctuary

Least Favorite Tracks: 777, Nitrous

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